Soldier Returns to Catch Wife with Co-Worker in Bed

by Ohepo Ohepo

Two Westridge Primary School teachers in Belvedere, Zimbabwe, were caught having sex early on Saturday, March 2.

Local media reported that Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, and Thomas Chikanga, 51, had been having an affair since last month before they were detained.

Nyathi is charged with carrying out the affair under the guise of her husband’s deployment. She is accused of exposing her children to Chikanga, most notably her 16-year-old daughter. She supposedly told them that Chikanga’s travels were required for his work as a teacher, hiding the true nature of their relationship. According to Eyes Of Lagos,

After spending the night in Nyathi’s house in Budiriro, Chikanga would sneak out to his Highfield residence before the sun came up to avoid being noticed by the kids. But lately, Nyathi’s husband, Noel Matiza, abruptly arrived from Kadoma after receiving a tip, and the two were discovered in bed.

Chikanga told H-Metro that Nyathi had told him that she had split up with her husband, which explained why he had been spending so many nights at her house. Married man Chikanga said that since Nyathi had lied to him, there was no reason to carry on the affair.

He uttered,

“She told me falsehoods about her marriage breakup, which is why I had multiple sleepovers here,” We met at the school where we take the same courses for one class, and we immediately fell in love. I had intended to marry her as my second wife. Sometime in February of this year, we began dating. Knowing that Nomathamsanqa is still with her husband, I do not think it is appropriate to carry on with the affair. She cannot use me to resolve her husband’s issues with her.

As for Nyathi, she stated she needed to scratch an itch because her husband had been ignoring her and hadn’t been returning from his job in Kwekwe for a while.

Says she:

Given how long my spouse had abandoned me, there was little I could do. I was ready to become my coworker’s second wife when we started dating.

This was the second time her husband had caught her pants down with another man, he said to the same publication. The first time they broke up was when he discovered she was sleeping with his coworker. Chikanga and Nyathi were not physically harmed by Matiza, but he did promise to take Chikanga’s undergarments to a native physician.


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