Saraki: Demanding Transparency from Buhari Cast Us as Enemies

by J.J Olawuyi

Listening to the Senate deliberations today was a profound experience that highlighted the critical nature of legislative oversight and the necessity of being truthful, standing with the populace, and fulfilling our constitutional duties.

The issues addressed in today’s session were ones that the 9th Senate should have tackled, but their failure to do so has led to the current consequences we are facing.

It reminded me of the 8th Senate’s firm stance on transparency and accountability. Back then, when we demanded specifics about the foreign loan requests from the Buhari administration, we were labeled as state adversaries and accused of hindering national development.

I must commend the 10th Senate for taking the time to deliberate on these pivotal matters.

This serves as a potent reminder that the legislative branch must always actively perform its constitutional responsibilities in service to the citizens, despite any personal sacrifices that might be required. It is only through such diligence that the public and the citizenry can truly reap the benefits.

It is my earnest hope that we take lessons from past oversights.

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