Revealed: What Actually Happened Between Ganduje And Sanusi – Dawisu

by Ohepo Ohepo

Salihu Tanko Yakasai, also known as Dawisu, who served as the media aide to former Governor Ganduje of Kano State, has publicly responded to recent statements made by Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi regarding their conflict over the Kano Light Rail project. The exchange came to light through social media interactions, particularly on Twitter.

Context and Background

The controversy centers on Emir Sanusi’s criticism of Governor Ganduje’s plan to secure a $1.8 billion loan from China to construct a 75-kilometer light rail in Kano. Emir Sanusi reportedly made these remarks during the Kaduna Investment Summit in 2017, questioning the necessity and fiscal prudence of the project.

Dawisu’s Rebuttal

In a series of tweets, Dawisu refuted Emir Sanusi’s explanation of the events, emphasizing the following points:

  1. Initial Reporting and Verification:
    • Dawisu stated that an online newspaper first reported Emir Sanusi’s comments from the Kaduna Investment Summit. Skeptical of potential misreporting, he personally watched the video of Sanusi’s speech on YouTube.
    • According to Dawisu, Sanusi mocked Ganduje for traveling to China to secure a loan for a rail project that would purportedly be used for frivolous activities like attending weddings and naming ceremonies.
  2. Details of Ganduje’s China Visit:
    • Dawisu clarified that Governor Ganduje’s trip to China lasted only five days, not a month. The visit included discussions on multiple projects, including the light rail, Ruhi textile, the China Chamber of Commerce, and a waste-to-wealth factory.
  3. Phone Call with Emir Sanusi:
    • Dawisu recounted receiving a call from Emir Sanusi at midnight, where the Emir attempted to explain that he had been misquoted. Despite Sanusi’s assertions, Dawisu maintained that he had accurately heard Sanusi’s public comments.
  4. Governor Ganduje’s Reaction:
    • The next morning, Dawisu informed Ganduje about the call with Sanusi. Ganduje expressed disappointment that Sanusi did not address his concerns privately and remarked that if Sanusi had genuine reservations, he could have approached him directly.
  5. Open Door Policy:
    • Dawisu affirmed that Governor Ganduje had always maintained an open-door policy with Emir Sanusi, often offering to meet privately either at the palace or the government house.
  6. Public vs. Private Advice:
    • Contrary to Emir Sanusi’s claims of having privately advised Ganduje against the rail project, Dawisu asserted that Sanusi’s first comments were made publicly in Kaduna.
  7. Call for Accurate Storytelling:
    • Dawisu called for honest recounting of events without embellishment, suggesting that he has more insights and might consider writing a book to detail his experiences.


Dawisu’s detailed rebuttal aims to set the record straight regarding the controversy over the Kano Light Rail project and Emir Sanusi’s criticism. His account highlights the complexities of political relationships and the importance of accurate representation of events. As the discourse continues, it underscores the need for transparent communication and constructive dialogue in addressing public policy issues.



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