Regional Powers Plotting to Destabilize Tinubu’s Government – Ajuri Ngelale

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a recent statement, the Nigerian Presidency has leveled serious allegations regarding the spate of school abductions across the country, suggesting a deliberate attempt by sub-regional forces to destabilize the administration of President Bola Tinubu. This claim was made public by Ajuri Ngelale, the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, during his appearance on TVC’s Politics show, hosted by Mr. Femi Akande, this past Sunday.

Ngelale articulated that these kidnappings are not random acts of violence but are part of a calculated strategy by specific regional groups aimed at undermining the stability of the current government. This perspective provides a new dimension to the ongoing crisis, implying that the motivations behind these distressing incidents extend beyond criminal intent and veer into the realm of political sabotage.

The assertion by the Presidency underscores the complexity of challenges facing the Nigerian state, pointing to the existence of geopolitical machinations intent on disrupting the nation’s peace and security. The government’s stance indicates a deep concern over these alleged conspiracies and a resolve to address the underlying issues contributing to the vulnerability of educational institutions across Nigeria.

“I will say this: Across the north, we understand that some of the sub-regional geopolitical forces that are currently at play are actively conspiring against the stability of Nigeria,”

Ngelale said that the government is handling the situation well and has got help from the US to bring back the school children and deal with the local groups involved.

“We understand that and we are not sleeping. We are responding to it and we’re doing it in a concerted way, with our neighbors.

“And it is worth noting that the United States government has also pledged its assistance to ensure that there is a full return of all of the schoolchildren who were kidnapped recently in Kaduna.

“But the point is we are going to continue to intensify our collaboration not just within the region, but internationally to make sure that some of the regional actors that are conspiring against our nation are brought to justice and ultimately silenced in the future,”

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