Press Release: Vice Admiral Jibrin and Deputy Ade Olamife Forge Ahead Together Towards November Victory

by J.J Olawuyi

15th August, 2023 – In response to recent false allegations surrounding the collaboration between Vice Admiral Jibrin Usman and his esteemed Deputy, Mr. Ade Olamife, the campaign team would like to emphatically state that the claims made in the article are baseless and unfounded. The Vice Admiral and his deputy are working tirelessly in unity to secure a resounding victory at the upcoming polls in November.


Contrary to the misleading assertions, Admiral Usman Jibrin’s Deputy, Ade Olamife, a fine brain with university degrees and many other certifications, has been an integral part of the campaign efforts. He was, in fact, alongside his principal, Vice Admiral Jibrin, on a comprehensive tour aimed at engaging the people of Kogi East. Unfortunately, due to his commitment to both the national convention and state congress of the Accord Party held at Abuja and Lokoja, as well as welcoming new members from various political backgrounds into the party at Kabba, Kogi West, Mr. Olamife had to briefly step away from the tour.


The Accord Party remains dedicated to ensuring a prosperous future for the people of Kogi State, and it is regrettable that some elements have chosen to misconstrue the circumstances for their own gain.


Addressing concerns raised in the article about the Vice Admiral and his deputy’s collaboration, we want to clarify that the Vice Admiral and Mr. Olamife have a strong working relationship. They share a common vision for the development of Kogi State and are united in their commitment to bringing positive change to all regions of the state.


It is important to recognize that campaign strategies vary, and while some candidates might choose to conduct activities separately, Vice Admiral Jibrin and Mr. Olamife understand the importance of maximizing their efforts to connect with the diverse electorate of Kogi State. Both leaders have a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and their strategies are devised with the utmost care and consideration.


The insinuation that Vice Admiral Jibrin Usman is sidelining Kogi West is entirely unfounded. The campaign is committed to representing and addressing the concerns of all regions within the state. Billboards and banners are just a small part of the extensive campaign efforts, and the Accord Party’s presence is being felt throughout Kogi West and beyond.


We urge all stakeholders and citizens of Kogi State to disregard the false allegations and focus on the positive vision that Vice Admiral Jibrin Usman and Mr. Ade Olamife are offering for the future of the state. Their unity, dedication, and hard work are the hallmarks of a campaign that is set to make a significant impact come November.


Emmanuel Iyede
Head of Media
Vice Admiral Jibrin/Olamife Campaign Organization

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