Massive Protest Hits Abuja As Shi’ites Hold Rally In Support Of Palestine

by Ohepo Ohepo

Large-scale demonstration in Abuja during a rally by Shi’ites “in support of Palestine”

To commemorate the International Qudus in support of Palestine, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), often known as Shi’ites, are presently staging a large-scale protest in the capital city of Abuja.

Shortly after the Juma’at prayer, members of the sect poured out of the National building, defying the heavily armed security guards who had ringed the building to stop the cult from starting the demonstration.

“Freedom For Palestine” and “Death to Israel” were being chanted by the demonstrators holding placards.

Speaking with The Bureau Newspaper, one of the group’s members, Yahaya Suleiman, stated that the purpose of the march was to show love and solidarity for their fellow Arabs who are under Israeli siege.

We oppose the apartheid Zionist Israel regime’s ongoing intrusion into the Al-Qsa Mosque and its occupation of Palestine, and we stand with the Palestinian people in their righteous resistance.

In the meantime, Abdullahi Musa, the spokesperson for the Academic Forum of the Movement, verified the horrifically violent deaths of two of their members at the hands of the Nigerian Police, who opened fire on them in Kaduna during the march.

No security guard can prevent them from practicing their religion, he said, calling the attack unjustified.

As of the time of writing, demonstrators were screaming anti-government chants and brandishing Palestinian national flags as they made their way towards the Wuse Market neighbourhood.

Residents and drivers experienced uneasiness when armed security personnel were earlier stationed at key locations surrounding the mosque.


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