Man Shot Dead In Kogi After Delivering Ransom To Kidnappers

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a heart-wrenching incident, the legal community and residents of Nsukka, Enugu State, are mourning the loss of a respected senior lawyer, Barrister Eli Ugwu, who was reportedly shot dead in a distressing turn of events in Kogi State. The circumstances surrounding his death have plunged the entire Nsukka region into deep sorrow, as details continue to emerge.

According to reports obtained by DAILY POST, Barrister Ugwu met his untimely demise shortly after facilitating the release of his cousin, who had been abducted by kidnappers. It was revealed that the lawyer had just delivered the demanded ransom to secure his cousin’s freedom when tragedy struck.

Conflicting accounts have surfaced regarding the fatal shooting. Initial statements, including a post by Facebook user Senator Chijinkem Ugwuanyi, suggested that the kidnappers were responsible for Ugwu’s death, occurring moments after the ransom exchange. “A part of us is Gone! He was shot dead in Kogi state while trying to pay ransom for his kidnapped cousin. The story is not clear since yesterday, but this is the much we know at the moment,” Ugwuanyi shared, reflecting the confusion and grief within the community.

However, recent developments have introduced a new, troubling narrative. Emerging reports indicate that the fatal shots may have been fired by police officers in a tragic case of mistaken identity or misunderstanding. According to a senior lawyer who wished to remain anonymous, Barrister Ugwu was allegedly shot by policemen as he and his newly released cousin were exiting the area where the ransom drop took place.

The incident has sparked a flurry of questions and demands for a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to the tragic loss of Barrister Eli Ugwu. As the Nsukka community and the wider legal fraternity grapple with this shocking event, there is a collective call for justice and clarity on the actions that resulted in such a devastating outcome.

He has already successfully delivered ransom and was coming out with the victim when policemen shot them.

“Eli was shot dead but his cousin (the kidnap victim), is responding to treatment. It’s a huge blow,” he said fearfully.


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