Let Us Come Together Against Divisive Forces – President Tinubu To ECOWAS Nations

by Ohepo Ohepo

ECOWAS member states have been urged by President Bola Tinubu to unite, fortify their bonds, and resist influences that seek to sow discord among them.

This was said by the President on Thursday in Abuja during the Sixth Legislature of the ECOWAS Parliament’s opening.

In a statement released by his spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale, Tinubu, the Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, said that strengthening regional solidarity is essential to bolstering the bloc’s efficacy and resilience at this crucial juncture.

He stressed that member nations cannot afford to watch helplessly as the community is in danger of falling apart.

“We are devoted to making sure that our unity is unshakable and we stand united against such forces. In order to create a feeling of shared purpose and destiny, we must make sure that our cooperation grows. We can’t have anyone else do this. We have to band together.

“To this extent, communicating that ECOWAS is a single, indivisible entity requires bolstering the validity of the decisions made by the Authority of Heads of State. On the other hand, it is equally crucial that the executives have the same level of faith in the Parliament, as this would strengthen democracy in our area.

The President stated, “In the meantime, our partnership can be a driving force for stability, growth, and prosperity in our region in the midst of ongoing challenges.”

Tinubu reiterated Nigeria’s steadfast dedication to the community’s goals and, consequently, the core principles upon which the ECOWAS Parliament was founded.

President Tinubu stated that the ECOWAS Parliament plays a crucial role in the bloc’s efforts to bring about a future of prosperity and peace for all, and that the legislative agency of the community must work tirelessly and with loyalty to accomplish success.

Moreover, increased public participation in community decision-making is necessary to fulfil the ECOWAS “Vision 2050.”

Only their lawfully elected MPs who are seconded to the community parliament from their national parliaments may accomplish so. Together, we are here to assist all the wonderful and amazing people of West Africa.

“I am aware that the ECOWAS Parliament is pushing for further authority, mainly so that members may be chosen by universal, direct voting.

As a result, lawmakers will have more duties and a bigger role to play in accomplishing our goals for regional growth, especially when it comes to bringing member state legislation and regulations into compliance.

As it strengthens the legitimacy of our democratic institutions, the practice of directly choosing public officials is in fact consistent with the democratic values that Nigeria professes.

The spirit of the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance is similarly aligned with this notion. As a former legislator, I’m eager to examine any proposals on this topic, and we’re willing to back direct elections for the ECOWAS Parliament.

In addition to the legitimacy and credibility such a procedure will give, we believe this will ensure that citizens have a direct say in their representation,” the President stated.

In addition, Tinubu said that Nigeria will keep helping the parliament accomplish its goals because it is the country that hosts the institution representing the community.

“I am aware of the good progress that has been done, as well as the intention to house all ECOWAS institutions in one structure.

Nigeria is likewise striving to fulfil its obligations by building the ECOWAS Parliament’s Headquarters in the same Abuja compound.

“I want to make it clear that, as you carry out the business of the 6th Legislature, I hope that your talks will give you the chance to address the main issues facing the area and develop solutions that will result in the achievement of peace and the advancement of everyone.

The President said, “You can be confident that Nigeria is always prepared to support the ECOWAS Parliament, in whatever endeavours you are engaged in, to advance the ECOWAS mission.”

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