Lagos-Calabar Highway: FG Reroutes Mega Project, Reduces Lanes to Six

by Ohepo Ohepo

FG Adjusts Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway to Protect Subsea Cables and Reduce Costs

The Federal Government has announced significant changes to the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway project to prevent any possible damage to subsea cables belonging to telecommunication companies and to reduce costs.

In a meeting with contractors in Abuja on Tuesday, the Minister of Works, David Umahi, outlined the key adjustments:

  1. Rerouting to Protect Subsea Cables: The highway path has been rerouted to avoid subsea cables owned by MTN and to address concerns from the Okuaja community. This decision was taken to prevent potential damage and ensure the project progresses smoothly.
  2. Reduction in Project Size: The project has been scaled down from ten lanes to six lanes from sections two, three, and four. This reduction is a cost-saving measure to make the legacy project more financially viable.
  3. Compensation for Property Owners: A total of N10 billion has been disbursed as compensation to property owners affected by the demolition required for the construction of the 700km highway. The government had begun these payments on May 1st, with an initial N2.75 billion disbursed to affected property owners.
  4. Progress and Future Plans: The first 47 kilometres of the highway, starting from Eko Atlantic and ending at the Lekki deep sea port, is expected to be open to the public by May next year. Currently, over four kilometres of concrete road have been completed on the six-lane section.
  5. Contractor Commendation: Minister Umahi praised the contractor for their commitment and the high quality of their work. He emphasized that despite rumors, no project has been stopped and construction is ongoing.

The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway is designed to extend through nine states with two spurs leading to northern states, utilizing concrete pavement for durability. The adjustments reflect the government’s commitment to balancing infrastructure development with fiscal responsibility and community concerns.

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