North Central Development Initiative Celebrates Dr. Mathias Terwase’s Appointment at Federal Housing Authority

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a recent development that has sparked widespread commendation, Dr. Mathias Terwase has been appointed as the Executive Director, Housing, Finance and Accounts, at the Federal Housing Authority. This significant appointment has not only been a source of pride for his professional peers but has also attracted the hearty congratulations of the North Central Development Initiative (NCDI), a prominent group dedicated to fostering development in the North Central region of Nigeria.

The NCDI, under the leadership of Comrade Musa Otigba, has come forward to express their delight and support for Dr. Terwase’s new role. In a statement released to the press, the group highlighted Dr. Terwase’s exceptional qualifications and his long-standing commitment to public service, which they believe make him an ideal choice for this crucial position.

“Dr. Mathias Terwase’s expertise and dedication in the field of housing finance and accounts are well-known, and we are confident that his leadership at the Federal Housing Authority will bring about significant improvements in the housing sector,” said Comrade Musa Otigba. “His appointment is not just a win for him personally but is also a testament to the caliber of professionals in the North Central region. We are incredibly proud and look forward to the positive changes he will enact in his new capacity.”

Dr. Terwase’s career has been marked by numerous achievements and contributions to the public sector, particularly in areas related to housing finance. His expertise is expected to play a crucial role in addressing some of the pressing challenges facing the housing sector in Nigeria, including affordability, access to finance, and the delivery of quality housing projects.

The NCDI’s congratulatory message also emphasized the importance of supporting leaders like Dr. Terwase, who are positioned to make impactful decisions that will benefit the community and the country at large. The group reiterated its commitment to advocating for sustainable development initiatives and pledged its support for Dr. Terwase’s efforts to enhance the housing finance landscape in Nigeria.

As Dr. Mathias Terwase takes on his new responsibilities, the expectations are high, and many are optimistic that his tenure will herald a new era of innovation and progress in the Federal Housing Authority. His appointment is seen as a step in the right direction towards achieving the goal of providing affordable and accessible housing for all Nigerians.

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