Ladies Above 35Yrs Should Start Proposing To Men – Rev. Fr. Oluoma

by Ohepo Ohepo

Renowned Nigerian Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Chinenye Oluoma has advised women over 35 who want to get married to go ahead and get married without waiting for a man to ask them to marry them.

Oluoma advocated that rather than waiting in vain for a long time, women in that age group should defy convention and approach men first, especially if they had showed symptoms of liking them.

The cleric posted a video on his Facebook page on Wednesday that contained guidance.

He asserts that people over 35 who still wait for a man to ask them out indicate they are not ready for marriage.

You are 35 years old, my darling sister, and you are waiting at the airport for a man to come ask you to marry him. thirty-five years? You’re not prepared. You’re waiting on a man to approach you and make a proposal. “You don’t go through menopause.” Men will pause as a result of menopause.

Violate the law! It may sound funny, but that’s what I’m saying. You may be a good mother even if you’re a young girl and you know marriage is your destiny. You just so happen to run into any guy who seems interested in you but lacks guts. It’s true that some guys develop feelings for certain women, but they lack the bravery. You find out that although he seems to like you, he lacks the confidence to approach you. My beloved sister disobeys that pointless law. Go over to that person. Disregard that pointless tradition. Say, “Bro, I know you like me but you don’t have the courage,” when you first meet the guy. “I will make it easy for you,” tell him. Tell him all of your positive attributes.

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