Kogi 2023: You Are On Your Own – Achuba’s Defection Met with Disapproval from Ibaji Elders and Accord Party Supporters

by J.J Olawuyi

KOGI STATE, Nigeria – In a surprising turn of events, former Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Elder Simon Achuba, has made headlines once again by switching his allegiance to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and its gubernatorial candidate, Murtala Yakubu. This move has raised questions about his motivations and loyalty, with many speculating that it may be driven by personal gain rather than genuine commitment to the welfare of the people.


Elder Achuba, who previously served as the deputy governor under Governor Yahaya Bello, had aligned himself with Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, the Accord Party’s candidate for the Kogi State gubernatorial race. However, his sudden shift to the SDP has left political observers and citizens puzzled.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Elder Achuba’s decision to join the SDP may be motivated by personal financial interests rather than a sincere desire to support a candidate who can bring positive change to Kogi State. This has sparked a wave of criticism and disappointment among the residents of Ibaji, including elders, youths, women, and dedicated members of the Accord Party.


In a joint statement, Ibaji elders, youths, women, and Accord Party faithful expressed their disapproval of Elder Achuba’s defection and reaffirmed their support for Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, who they believe is the “only credible and viable candidate in Kogi State.”


“We are deeply disappointed by Elder Simon Achuba’s decision to abandon the Accord Party and join the SDP. It appears that his actions are driven by greed for personal financial gain rather than a genuine commitment to the betterment of our state,” the statement read.


The statement continued to emphasize their collective stance, saying, “Despite Achuba’s decision to move to the SDP, the Ibaji elders, youths, women, and Accord Party faithful unanimously agree and resolve that Akpabana is the only credible and viable candidate in Kogi State. Therefore, they have nothing to do with the decision of the former Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba, who, out of his personal interest, defected to the SDP. We respect his personal decision but, in one Accord, oneness, we stand.”


This development has added a layer of intrigue and uncertainty to the Kogi State gubernatorial race, which is already highly competitive. It remains to be seen how Elder Simon Achuba’s defection to the SDP will impact the overall dynamics of the campaign and whether the residents of Ibaji will maintain their unwavering support for the Accord Party’s candidate, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin.


As the election date draws nearer, the political landscape in Kogi State continues to evolve, with unexpected twists and turns that could ultimately determine the fate of the state’s leadership.

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