Kaduna South Terror: Don’t Kill The Terrorists, Give Them Hope, But Don’t Pay Them – Sheikh Gumi

by Ohepo Ohepo

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, has advocated for a more forgiving stance toward bandits and terrorists in spite of their growing brutality. In a recent interview, Gumi attacked the government’s physical strategy for suppressing robbers, claiming that it merely makes matters worse.

Gumi’s comments follow an increase in kidnappings and banditry in Kaduna State, where there have been requests for a whopping N40 trillion ransom. Instead of giving in to their demands for ransom, he suggested having a conversation with the offenders.

Gumi argued in favor of talks with terrorists, saying, “I think no ransom should be paid but engage these people, give them hope and not only in this children’s case.” He bemoaned the tardiness of the government in acknowledging the gravity of the issue and emphasized the necessity of a shift in strategy.

The cleric’s position on bargaining with bandits has generated discussion, with many people doubting the viability and ethics of this tactic. Gumi supported his stance by pointing to instances of conflict settlement, such as the prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas.

Gumi said, “What is happening now is that we are seeing that these bandits are getting more and more vicious,” attributing their increase to the government’s preference for forceful action over peaceful negotiation. He attacked politicians for their words but not for taking real steps to deal with the underlying issues that lead to banditry.

Gumi emphasized that he opposes ransom payments despite his call for communication. He proposed that the robbers are using the exaggerated ransom demands as a negotiating chip to put pressure on the government.


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