June 12: Protesters To Hit The Streets Over Hunger, Hardship

by Ohepo Ohepo

Nigerian Civil Societies to Stage Mass Protest on June 12 Against Economic Hardship Under President Tinubu’s Government

A coalition of Nigerian civil society organizations has announced plans for a mass protest on Wednesday, June 12, to voice their discontent with the economic hardship and hunger they attribute to the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

Participating Groups

The protest is being organized by several groups, including:

  • Take-It-Back Movement (TIB)
  • African Action Congress party (AAC)
  • Joint Action Front (JAF)
  • Education Rights Campaign (ERC)
  • Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL)
  • PRP Vanguard

Statement of Grievance

In a joint statement titled “Enough is Enough to Hardship and Hunger, Great Nigerian People,” the coalition expressed their frustration with the significant increase in the cost of living since President Tinubu removed fuel subsidies on May 29, 2023. They argue that the average Nigerian is struggling to afford basic necessities such as food, transportation, electricity, and education.

Key Points of the Statement

The coalition’s statement highlights the following issues:

  • Economic Hardship: The organizations emphasize that many Nigerians are unable to feed themselves and their families. They claim that hunger is widespread and that the economic situation is forcing the youth into criminal activities and prostitution.
  • Government and Elite Privilege: The statement criticizes President Tinubu, his family, and the political elite for living lavishly while ordinary Nigerians suffer. They accuse the President, First Lady, and First Son of exploiting Nigeria’s resources for personal gain.
  • High Salaries and Allowances: The coalition condemns the high salaries and allowances received by governors, senators, and other members of the legislature, arguing that these officials are insulated from the economic hardships faced by ordinary citizens.
  • Business Elite: The statement also targets prominent business figures, such as Aliko Dangote, accusing them of benefiting financially at the expense of the populace.

Call to Action

The coalition is urging Nigerians to join the protest to demand an end to the economic policies and practices they believe are causing widespread suffering. They call for collective action to address the issues of hunger, poverty, and inequality.

The protest on June 12 aims to pressure the government to take immediate and effective measures to alleviate the economic hardship experienced by millions of Nigerians. The coalition’s unified voice reflects a growing discontent among various segments of society, seeking to hold the government accountable for the current economic challenges.

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