Breaking News: 500 Boko Haram Suspects Released in Borno

by Ohepo Ohepo

The government of Borno State announced on Wednesday that 160,000 individuals, who have renounced their association with Boko Haram, will not revert to violent activities as they have pledged an oath on the Quran against such actions.

The Borno State authorities have exonerated 500 individuals from accusations of terrorist involvement and have subsequently released them from the Nigerian Army’s detention center at Giwa Barracks, Maiduguri.

This statement was made by the Commissioner for Women Affairs in Borno, Zuwaira Gambo, in response to concerns raised by Hajiya Gana, a representative of some distressed women in Borno, who claimed that innocent men and children from their community were being detained at the barracks.

During a public event organized by the Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development, a local NGO, to present demands from survivors, victims, and women who have been de-radicalized, Mrs. Gambo communicated this information. She mentioned that the individuals released, who were done so in various groups, were all handed over to the Borno State Government, with the most recent group consisting of 28 individuals released last week.

Mrs. Gambo reassured the community that those who were arrested by the military in relation to the insurgency need not worry if they are indeed innocent, emphasizing the state government’s collaboration with the military to ensure justice and fairness for all detainees.

She commended the efforts of the Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development in advocating for justice for those who are vulnerable and for its role in promoting peace and reconciliation within the state. Mrs. Gambo also noted that the government is considering the demands from the survivors and victims of insurgency and mentioned that many of these demands are being addressed through the “Borno Model,” a community-based approach that involves all stakeholders, following the mass surrender of insurgents and their families.

Hamsatu Allamin, the Executive Director of the Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development, praised the Army for allowing the foundation periodic visits to detainees at Giwa Barracks and for the periodic release of individuals deemed innocent. She encouraged the military to continue these practices to ensure that no innocent person is unjustly penalized.

The event was highlighted by the presentation and discussion of the charter of demands, led by Professor Abubakar Mu’azu, the Director of the Centre for Peace, Development, and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Maiduguri.

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