I Am Not Stepping Down: Admiral Usman Jibrin Affirms Commitment to Governorship Race

by J.J Olawuyi

Anyigba, Kogi State November 9, 2023 – In a press conference held earlier this evening, Admiral Usman Jibrin, the governorship candidate of the Accord Party, emphatically stated that he remains in the race and is determined to win, effectively debunking the circulating rumours of his withdrawal from the contest.


The press conference, which took place at the Anyigba, Kogi State was attended by a large gathering of supporters and media representatives eager to hear the candidate’s official stance on the recent speculations. Admiral Usman Jibrin took to the podium with confidence and resolve, leaving no room for ambiguity about his candidacy.


Addressing the gathered crowd and the press, Admiral Jibrin declared, “I want to set the record straight once and for all. I am in this race, and I am in this race to win. The rumours of my withdrawal are baseless and untrue. I am fully committed to serving the good people of Kogi State and bringing positive change to our great state.”


The rumours of Admiral Jibrin’s alleged withdrawal from the gubernatorial race had gained momentum in recent days, causing confusion among his supporters and political observers. These speculations had led to a degree of uncertainty about the future of his campaign.


During his press conference, Admiral Jibrin sought to dispel any doubts surrounding his candidacy, outlining his vision for Kogi State and the policies he intends to implement to address the pressing issues faced by the state. He emphasized his dedication to good governance, economic development, and social justice.


“I have been crisscrossing Kogi State and engaging with its wonderful people, listening to their concerns and aspirations. I have seen firsthand the challenges we face, and I am more motivated than ever to bring about the positive change we need,” the Admiral stated.


Admiral Jibrin’s announcement was met with resounding applause and cheers from his supporters, who had been anxiously awaiting his response to the rumours. They expressed their unwavering support for his candidacy, with many vowing to work tirelessly to ensure his success in the upcoming election.


The gubernatorial race in Kogi State has intensified in recent weeks, with several candidates from various political parties vying for the top position. Admiral Usman Jibrin’s reaffirmation of his commitment to the race has injected renewed energy and enthusiasm into the Accord Party’s campaign.


Admiral Jibrin’s determination to remain in the race will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the state’s political dynamics, as he continues to present his vision for a brighter future for the people of Kogi State.

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