How to Vote for Ilebaye in BBNaija All Stars Multiple Times

by J.J Olawuyi


Big Brother Naija All Stars has taken the nation by storm once again, and fans are rallying behind their favorite housemates. Among the housemates, Ilebaye has captured the hearts of many viewers with her charisma, personality, and game strategy. If you’re one of Ilebaye’s dedicated fans and want to support her on her journey to victory, this blog post will guide you through the various voting methods available to ensure your votes count.

1. Voting via MyDSTv App or use this link

The MyDSTv App is a convenient way to vote for Illebaye and show your support. Follow these steps to cast your votes:

– Download the MyDSTv App from the Google Play Store if you haven’t already. Use this link
– Open the app and log in with your DSTv credentials.
– Navigate to the BBNaija All Stars voting section within the app.
– Locate Ilebaye’s profile and cast your votes for her.
– Remember to follow the voting rules and guidelines provided by the app to make sure your votes are valid.

2. Voting on the Mobile Site

After voting on the MyDSTv APP, you can also vote through a mobile site, DSTv provides an easy-to-use platform for BBNaija All Stars voting. Here’s how to do it:

– Visit the official DSTv BBNaija All Stars voting page on your mobile device using this link:…/big-brother-naija/season/8/vote.
– Sign in with your DSTv credentials or create an account if you don’t have one.
– Look for Ilebaye’s name and picture on the voting page.
– Cast your votes for her. You’ll have a total of 100 votes to use as you wish.
– Make sure to review your selections before submitting your votes.

3. Voting on the Desktop Site

For voting for the third time on a desktop or laptop computer, DSTv has got you covered. Here’s how to cast your votes via the desktop site:

– Go to the official DSTv BBNaija All Stars voting page on your computer using this link:…/big-brother-naija/season/8/vote.
– Sign in to your DSTv account or create one if needed.
– Locate Illebaye’s profile and click on it.
– Cast your votes for her. You’ll have 100 votes at your disposal.
– Verify your selections and submit your votes.

Important Voting Tips:

– You can use all three methods to maximize your support for Ilebaye, giving her a total of 300 votes from a single DSTv account.
– Votes can be distributed among multiple housemates or concentrated on a single favorite.
– Ensure you follow the rules and regulations provided by DSTv to ensure your votes are counted.

Ilebaye’s journey in the BBNaija All Stars house has been nothing short of amazing, and as fans, our support means the world to her. By following the steps outlined above, you can cast your votes for Ilebaye and help her on her path to victory in BBNaija All Stars. Every vote counts, so let’s unite and show our love and support for this incredible housemate!

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