Hilarious: Nigerians In Shock As Ekiti Chef On 120-Hour Cook-a-Thon Turns Off Gas To Pick Beans

by J.J Olawuyi

Nigerians were shocked to see a chef from Ekiti turn off her gas to select beans as she attempted to beat Chef Hilda Baci’s unofficial Guinness World Record for longest cooking by a single person.

Before going offline last night, Chef Dammy, who had been cooking for more than 20 hours, had shut off the gas to go bean picking.

Social media users criticized the chef in the trending video posted on Saturday morning for turning off the gas to choose the beans she wanted to cook.

You want to smash the cooking record, you dey turn off the gas for an hour to gather beans, a tweep named Dami Dami wrote in Pidgin English. Whoever is not wise na hin fasting is stressing out.

Una no witness another record break again than cooking, ni? asked another Twitter user named Mr. Dapsyn. Anyway, Aunty Dami told me to turn off the gas to cook some beans.

Adefemi asked, “Why did you buy all the beans?”

To which DAMI responded, “I heard Bacii never get certified yet If God wanna shame you people make Guinness acknowledge and certified this one before her coz I don’t know why people trying to downplay those guys efforts, picking beans ain’t part of the cooking process?”

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