Hardship: Man Shot & Killed Son for Eating Last Portion of Food

by Ohepo Ohepo

The police have arrested Marcel Udeh, a man from Umunneochi LGA in Abia State, on suspicion of killing his son.

A neighborhood source claimed that his son’s transgression was coming home and finishing the last of the food in a pot in the family’s kitchen.

The narrative goes that Mr. Udeh was furious that his late son could go into the kitchen and eat food without asking his father’s permission.

He was accused of rushing into his room in a fit of rage, pulling a revolver, and shooting his son, killing him.

Community members quickly captured Mr. Marcel Udeh, tying his two hands behind his back and placing him over his child’s lifeless corpse.

According to a different version of events, the kid of the suspect was killed after being stabbed with a sharp weapon.

Udeh, pleading for forgiveness, said he regretted what he had done and attributed his conduct to the devil.

The suspect has been taken into custody, according to ASP Maureen Chinaka, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Abia State Command, who confirmed the incident was reported at the Umunneochi Division when reached.

Indeed, the PPRO stated, “We received a report at Umunneochi Division, the suspect has been taken into custody, and the case has been moved to the SCID for a covert investigation. A charge will be brought against the suspect later on.

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