Gumi Invited by Nigerian Authorities to Explain Banditry Remarks

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi, who resides in Kaduna, has reportedly been invited to be questioned on his remarks regarding the actions of bandits in the nation, according to the federal government.

The minister of information and orientation, Mohammed Idris, addressed media on Monday at the State House in Abuja.

Gumi has been more well-known in recent years due to his remarks against the actions of bandits.

He’s been seen numerous times in photos with some bandits.

According to reports, the preacher made an offer to talk to the bandits who kidnapped pupils from the Government Secondary and LEA Primary schools in the Kuriga town in Kaduna’s Chikun Local Government Area.

On March 7, the bandits stormed the neighborhood, robbing 137 students and a teacher.

The governor of Kaduna, Uba Sani, declared the schoolchildren’s release on Sunday.

The minister stated that there is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to engaging in negotiations with bandits and that the federal government did not offer a ransom to get the release of the Kuriga schoolchildren.

In response to the names of 15 organizations made public by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) for suspected terrorism, Gumi further charged that the federal government was fabricating allegations against its opponents by designating them as financiers of terrorism.
In addition, other organizations demanded that Gumi be detained by security services due to what they claimed to be the cleric’s connections to terrorist organizations.

Speaking about the development, the minister of information stated that if the security agencies believe that Gumi’s words are “reckless,” they will take appropriate action.

“The government will stop at nothing to get any kind of information that is required to solve our problems. The security agencies are up and doing,” Idris said.

“Sheik Gumi and any other individual are not above the law, if he has suggestions that are good enough and that are constructive enough for the security agencies to take, they will take

“But if they think that he is also making some statements that appear to be reckless, he will also be reprimanded.

“There is nobody above the law. Let me put it here. And I’m aware that he has also been a guest of security agencies to answer questions.

“When you make remarks, especially those that border on our national security it is incumbent on our national security to think further, and they are doing just that, no one is above the law.”


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