Governorship Candidate Mubarak Abuche Appeals Court Decision on NNPP Ticket Ownership

by J.J Olawuyi

18 July, 2023

Abuja – Nigeria.

In a dramatic turn of events, Mr. Mubarak Abuche, the governorship candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has lodged an appeal against the recent court ruling in favor of Hon. Hassan Baiwa, disputing the rightful owner of the NNPP governorship ticket.

The legal battle ensued after both Mubarak Abuche and Hon. Hassan Baiwa emerged as contestants for the coveted NNPP governorship ticket ahead of the upcoming elections. The internal party primaries had been fiercely contested, and both candidates claimed to have garnered significant support from the party members.

In a surprising twist, the court ruled in favor of Hon. Hassan Baiwa, declaring him as the authentic winner of the NNPP governorship ticket. This decision left Mr. Mubarak Abuche and his supporters shocked and disappointed, as they firmly believed the nomination was rightfully his.

In response to the verdict, Mr. Mubarak Abuche’s legal team swiftly filed an appeal, aiming to challenge the court’s judgment and present additional evidence supporting their claim. The appeal seeks a thorough review of the case and a reassessment of the evidence presented during the initial trial.

Mr. Abuche’s appeal contends that certain irregularities and inconsistencies were overlooked during the previous legal proceedings, which could have influenced the outcome of the ruling. The governorship candidate’s legal representatives are confident that the appeal will shed new light on the matter and rectify any perceived injustices.

Meanwhile, Hon. Hassan Baiwa’s camp has expressed confidence in the court’s initial decision, believing that the verdict was reached based on a fair and comprehensive assessment of the evidence presented.

The NNPP, as a party, has urged its members and supporters to remain calm and law-abiding throughout the appeal process. The leadership of the party has stated that it will abide by the court’s final ruling and encourages all parties involved to respect the legal system and its proceedings.

As the appeal process unfolds, the political landscape in the region remains tense, with both candidates vying for public support and sympathy. The outcome of the appeal will undoubtedly have significant implications for the NNPP’s prospects in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

Citizens and political observers are closely monitoring the situation, eager to see how the appeal will unfold and which candidate will eventually be recognized as the rightful owner of the NNPP governorship ticket. The judiciary’s impartiality and the rule of law will undoubtedly be under scrutiny as the case continues to captivate the public’s attention.


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