FHA CEO Visits Sanwolu, Seeks Massive Collaboration

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Federal Housing Authority’s (FHA) Chief Executive Officer, Hon. Oyetunde Ojo, has reaffirmed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda’s commitment to providing affordable housing to regular Nigerians.

As part of his ongoing tour of the South West States, Ojo made this statement on Saturday while leading the agency’s management team on a courtesy call to the Lagos government house.

Speaking at the event, Ojo reiterated the goal of the FHA’s new administration to implement “end user driven” policy in the face of imposition because it was previously achievable.

“The Federal government has prioritised affordable housing as part of it’s agenda, and we had a statutory obligations to deliver on our mandate hence the visit to seek for land to enable us erect a befitting structures from the custodians who are the state governors.”

“We are going round to find out the models and designs as well as values preferences of the end users from states to states in line with the new order, away from the previous policy.”

Although praising Governor Babajide Sanwolu for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of housing, the CEO insisted that the management was urged to work with the state government to give housing for all a top priority.

He said that the planned partnership with the state government will improve the industry’s value chain and guarantee the delivery of models, such as one-bedroom apartments and studios, that will be reasonably priced for young people. This will lower costs and enable more people to purchase homes.

He mentioned that the carcas will have common outside features that will draw in end customers, as well as plumbing and electrical.According to him, this will let homeowners complete their homes whenever it suits them.

Ojo made a commitment to launch a disparoian city project that would serve the diaspora.

While requesting the governor’s consent to launch and commission the FHA project that would soon be located in Lagos on behalf of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In response, the governor of Lagos State thanked the FHA management for the visit and acknowledged that, despite the construction of roughly 19 estates since the start of the current administration, there was still a housing shortage in Lagos State.

He praised the FHA’s approach and expressed his support for initiatives aimed at providing a roof over the heads of common people, especially in the multicultural state of Lagos.

“Your vision tallies with ours, which is basically providing houses for ordinary Nigerians without recourse to any form delay or encumbrance.”

“We can collaborate because there is a lot of housing need in Lagos state.”
Sanwolu said.

He stated that the state intends to build vertically without necessarily becoming opulent and that it will grant land to FHA, but with the requirement that development happen right away due of pressing needs.

The governor gave the team advice to alter the skyline and leave their mark, even as he congratulated the new management.

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