Feeling Abandoned, Tinubu’s Support Group Claimed ‘Used and Dumped

by Ohepo Ohepo

Supporters of Tinubu lament neglect and being “used and dumped,” and they warn that another presidential election is coming up soon.

The political organization Farmers Movement for Jagaban 2023, which pushed for Bola Tinubu to become Nigeria’s president, has protested desertion following the election outcome.

The organization claimed that the President had appointed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party members and sympathizers to positions of power in order to infuriate the supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

As per the statement released on Tuesday by Rilwan Ahmed, the National Coordinator of the group, the “Support Groups, PCC (Presidential Campaign Council) Members and foot soldiers of Asiwaju are not useless as you all may think.”

Ahmed stated that because they had already prepared the meal, it would be a grave sin to prevent them from partaking of it when it was ready.

He issued a warning, saying that there would be another election in three years and that everyone would be reminded of President Tinubu’s dismal incentive scheme.

A portion of the statement said, “President Bola Tinubu and his gangs of Generals have all abandoned and ditched their fans who they had direct interactions with before he emerged as our party’s candidate and later as president of Nigeria.

“Did they not say that absolute power corrupts? It makes sense that their power has caused them to forget their much-discussed reward system.

“(Abiodun) Faleke and (Simon) Lalong, who oversaw the presidential campaign and worked closely with those supporters, deserve all the contempt that Nigerians are throwing toward those abandoned supporters who, despite their assurances on election eve, have been forgotten today.

“The fact that the generals who had direct contact with President Tinubu and his allies have been preventing its members from receiving their rewards from him is now cause for concern and much more shame.

“While our bamboo strategy has been effective, it is concerning and disheartening that not a single one of our known warriors has been appointed to any ministries, departments, or agencies. We have the worst cabinet since 1999, despite hearing that the ministerial list went to the highest bidder.

According to the organization, President Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima are to blame for the current state of affairs “by their ways of determining who to appoint or not to appoint”.

It remarked, “Nobody else should be held accountable but them; the responsibility ends at their table.”

“It is very unfortunate that Faleke and Lalong who oversaw the activities of Support Groups and Presidential Campaign Council members are shying from pressing the reward system buttons, or has the sudden power let go of those buttons promised?”

The group further charged that Shettima and President Tinubu were rewarding worthless people and politicians.

It further attacked the President for supposedly only selecting candidates from states like Lagos, Osun, and Rivers that supported opposition parties and never brought him victory. “The percentages are available for public viewing,” it stated. How Disgusting?

The president’s appointment of PDP and Labour Party members as a means of punishing APC supporters is also thought-provoking. Wike never supported this cause during the pre-primaries, or did he only join it after Atiku defeated him and he was removed as Atiku’s running mate?

“He even boasted that he appointed two other ministers and the minister of petroleum on his own.”

“I think Wike will deliver Nigeria to him in 2027,” Ahmed stated. “During a campaign, the same President traveled to Kaduna and pleaded with Mallam to cooperate with him once the government was established. He turned around to shame the same man who had shot him before the election, to the point where leaders in the north questioned his boldness and confronted him, but he remained loyal to Asiwaju. What transpired with our dear Asiwaju

Many people would be shocked to learn that 90% of the people who contributed to Tinubu’s success are orphans who aspire to be famous without knowing anyone. The phrase “Asiwaju rewards loyalty” was used at the time.

“Sons and daughters of the president’s allies have been assigned to political positions that they never held, or they have told us where they were during the heated battles for Asiwaju’s triumph in the rain and sun.

“Asiwaju’s foot warriors, PCC members, and support groups are not as worthless as you all may believe. It would be a serious transgression to prevent us from enjoying the food we have prepared.

The statement said, in part, “We will remind everyone about your failed reward system when the election is in two years.”

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