Federal University Gusau Expels Students For Protesting Insecurity

by J.J Olawuyi

For protesting against insecurity two months ago, the Federal University Gusau in Zamfara State banned four students and reportedly barred access to its enrollment portal for others.

34 students were reportedly asked to appear before a disciplinary committee before they left for the semester break for participating in the demonstration, according to THE BUREAU NEWSPAPER.

While other students are awaiting their expulsion letters from the school administration, three of the students who were questioned said they had already received their letters of expulsion. The majority of the accused pupils are at the 300 or 400 level.

Some of the kids expressed their frustration with terrorist kidnappings during the demonstration.

Like many other states in the North West, Zamfara has been dealing with a terrorist insurgency for more than ten years.

Attacks by terrorists known as bandits in the area target rural populations, tourists, and educational facilities.

Over time, there have been many student abductions.

Rejoice Guga, Georgina Bulus, and Abdulsalam Onimisi, three of the students, claimed to have gathered their letters of expulsion. Mr. Guga’s letter was seen by THE BUREAU NEWSPAPER.

Four of us have already picked up our letters of expulsion from management, while the remaining students are still on break, according to Ms. Guga.

The report of the committee of inquiry into the student demonstration on June 17, 2023, as well as the attempted demonstration to prevent students from writing the second semester exams 2021/2022 on Monday, June 19, 2023, was taken into consideration by the university management at its 84 emergency meeting on August 3, 2023. The committee determined that you had broken Section A, item xxv, page 60, and Section H, item vii, page 63, of the student handbook’s demonstration regulations.

The dismissal letter given to Ms. Guga stated in part, “The committee has consequently recommended that you be expelled from the university for organizing and participating in the two protests.



Ms. Guga, a Plant Science and Biotechnology 400-level student, claimed that during their demonstration, the students did not attack any buildings or obstruct other students from entering or leaving the university.

It’s unjust.

Unidentified student who took part in the demonstrations claimed he would forego picking up his letter of expulsion from the school.

He said that the Vice Chancellor should not have made this choice because he spoke to them during the protest.

“A week after the exams, we were summoned to meet with a committee following the protest that occurred in response to the kidnapping of our classmates. They frequently produced lists of people they desired to see in the school. We were about thirty.

A female student who requested anonymity told THE BUREAU NEWSPAPER in one of a series of WhatsApp voice notes that “before you enter the room (office), they would collect your phone and go through your photos and delete the pictures of the protesters.”

The girl claimed in one of the voice notes that she felt “terrible” in front of the committee members because their inquiries “tried to make me feel guilty to protest.”

Despite not having started school yet, she claimed to already be aware of her impending doom because she was unable to access the school’s web site.

Umar Usman, a spokesman for the institution, denied knowing of the students’ expulsion when approached by THE BUREAU NEWSPAPER.

He requested some time to speak with school administration about the incident’s specifics.

However, when this reporter showed him copies of the dismissal letters and a list of the 34 students who had been asked to testify, Mr. Usman argued that the reasons listed in the dismissal letter should be used as the grounds for expulsion.

“Since you stated that you had seen the letter of dismissal and that there was justification for the choice, I don’t believe there is anything more I can say. That is the university’s position, Mr. Usman remarked over the phone.

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