Father Beheads Daughter For Money Ritual In Edo

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Edo State Security Network (ESSN) agents have apprehended Emmanuel Ovwarueso, a man, for allegedly murdering his daughter in Benin City, Edo State, in exchange for money.

At before midnight on Thursday, the suspect was taken into custody in Uteh, Upper Mission, where he was living, and the deceased’s head was found inside a plastic bag.

It was alleged that before killing the girl in front of his wife, he had bound and gagged her.

His spouse, whose identity was unknown at the time of this report, claimed, “My husband’s attitude changed recently.” He insisted that I stop viewing him as a destitute man.

He appeared to be rejoicing as he bought drinks for everyone at his place of employment. His new spending habits startled even his colleagues. He even assured them that his money was close at hand. She remarked, “We were unaware that he intended to exploit our daughter for rituals.

“We saw him that Thursday night with a bag, walking so fast like he was rushing to catch a flight,” said an ESSN member who spoke under anonymity. He fought us when we tried to stop him. He responded that his food was inside the sack when we asked what was inside. Upon searching the bag, we discovered a human head within.

“It was clear from the manner he was speaking during our interrogation that he was hiding something. We then brought him to his residence, where we saw his wife restrained. After we had her unfastened, she said that her spouse had been the one to tie her.

She informed us that prior to killing their daughter, her husband had restrained her with a rope.

He claimed, “The suspect then led us to the location of the shallow grave where the little girl’s body was buried, and the body was exhumed right away.”

Since then, the suspect has been turned over to the Nigeria Police, Edo State Command, in order to conduct additional research.

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