Fake News and it’s Effects


by J.J Olawuyi

The rise of technology and social media platforms has resulted in the widespread circulation of fake news. Inaccurate and often malicious information can quickly reach thousands, even millions, of people within a matter of minutes.

Fake news not only misleads individuals but can also cause harm to individuals and society as a whole.

The danger of fake news is its potential to incite fear, hatred, and violence.
For instance, a viral story claiming that a group of individuals has committed a heinous crime based on their religion, ethnicity, or gender could incite an outpouring of negative emotions toward that group. This type of fake news can result in acts of aggression, bullying, or even riots.

The identification of fake news can be challenging, but it is essential.

The first step in identifying fake news is to read beyond the headline.

Often, misleading and inflammatory headlines are crafted to lure readers into clicking and sharing without reading the full story. A genuine news story provides background information, sources, and facts to back up claims made in the article. In contrast, fake news tends to lack evidence or have unverifiable sources.

Another essential factor in identifying fake news is the source

Checking the domain name, publication history, and other published content from the source can provide clues to their trustworthiness. However, this does not guarantee that everything from the source is genuine. Therefore, it’s important to look for multiple credible sources reporting on the same issue.

When pointing out fake news, it’s important to approach the situation with tact. Attacking or insulting someone who has shared fake news can only lead to a more significant conflict.

A helpful strategy is to question the validity of the story politely and provide alternative information sources to fact-check the claim. Remember to stay respectful, calm, and objective.


Fake news is a growing issue that has the potential to harm individuals and society. Identifying and combating fake news starts with responsible and informed news consumption habits and the ability to verify the sources and facts behind a news story. To point out fake news, approach the situation tactfully, and with objectivity, and avoid inciting conflict.

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