Edo 2024: APC Nat. Women Leader, Dr. Alile Calls for Massive Support for Sen. Monday & Running Mate

Congratulates APC & Candidates: Senator Monday Okpebholo & Hon. Dennis Idahosa

by Ohepo Ohepo

The APC National Women Leader, Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile congratulates the Edo State APC governorship candidate and his nominated running mate: Senator Monday Okpebholo & Hon. Dennis Idahosa.

She prayed that the two fine brains emerge victorious in the forthcoming Edo guber polls.

Her statement reads;

Dear Esteemed Party Members,

I extend our heartfelt congratulations to Senator Monday Okpebholo, our esteemed gubernatorial candidate, Hon. Dennis Idahosa, his running mate, and the entire APC family on the selection of Hon. Dennis Idahosa as the running mate for the upcoming Edo State Governorship Elections.

Senator Monday Okpebholo, your leadership and vision have inspired us all, and we are confident that under your guidance, Edo State will thrive. Your dedication to the party and the people of Edo State is commendable, and we stand united behind you in this journey towards progress and prosperity.

We also congratulate Hon. Dennis Idahosa on his well-deserved selection as the deputy governorship candidate. His unwavering support for the APC’s ideals and his exemplary service to the party make him a fitting choice for this important role.

Together, with Senator Monday Okpebholo and Hon. Dennis Idahosa leading the charge, we are confident that the APC will continue to champion progress, development, and prosperity for the good people of Edo State.

Let us rally behind our candidates, unite our efforts, and work tirelessly towards a resounding victory in the forthcoming elections. Together, we will build a brighter future for Edo State.

Congratulations once again to Senator Monday Okpebholo, Hon. Dennis Idahosa, and the APC. May your leadership bring forth positive change and prosperity to our beloved state.

Best regards,

Signed: APC National Women Leader Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile


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