DSS Quizzes Popular Cleric for Criticizing Tinubu Over Hardship

by Ohepo Ohepo

The State Security Service (SSS) recently interrogated Sheikh Auwal Shariff, a well-known Islamic preacher from Zaria, due to his public criticisms of President Bola Tinubu’s policies amidst the nation’s economic difficulties.

DAILY NIGERIAN has learned that Sheikh Shariff, who has openly critiqued President Tinubu, was detained for questioning on Friday but was released on the same day.

In a sermon video reviewed by our reporter, Sheikh Shariff drew parallels between the leadership transition from former President Muhammadu Buhari to President Tinubu and the biblical figures of Pharaoh and Haman, while strongly criticizing the president’s immediate decision to end the petrol subsidy.

“Comparing Tinubu and Buhari to Pharaoh and Haman, there’s essentially no distinction. Only Tinubu’s disregard for Nigerians could explain the immediate announcement of the subsidy removal in his inaugural address. The price of petrol soared from about N200 to N600 right after the announcement, and yet, it seemed to be brushed aside by the public. What does this say about us? A decision of this magnitude should have involved consultation with his economic advisors; such announcements are unprecedented even under military governance,” Shariff commented.

A confidential informant disclosed to DAILY NIGERIAN that after several hours of interrogation, the cleric was permitted to leave.

“SSS agents visited Malam’s home before Friday prayers, but he was out. They returned post-prayer and left a letter and contact details in his absence. Upon returning from the mosque, Malam contacted them, confirmed the receipt of their letter, and despite our advice and the SSS suggesting a Monday meeting, he chose to immediately visit their office to understand the summons and demonstrate his innocence. After a lengthy interrogation, he was released.

“It appears that the directive for Malam’s interrogation originated from Abuja, though it was executed by the Kaduna State Command,” the informant revealed.

The informant added that the SSS raised concerns about the impact of Shariff’s sermons and their reception among diverse religious groups, advising him to moderate his critiques given the sensitive political climate.

The cleric’s recent scrutiny by the SSS seems linked to his critiques of the economic challenges facing the nation and certain prominent political figures.

Attempts to reach SSS spokesperson Peter Afunanya for comment were unsuccessful, as there was no response to a text message sent to his known number at the time this report was compiled.

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