Coup: Aircraft Conveying Nigerian Pilgrims Trapped In Niger Republic

by J.J Olawuyi

According to MaxAir, one of its planes is currently stranded in Niamey as a result of the unfolding military coup in Niger.

The airline’s management confirmed in a statement that the last group of Niger pilgrims it was carrying had been securely dropped off.

The airline, a B-747-400, reportedly landed in Niamey with 360 Nigerian pilgrims onboard and roughly 18 staff members, despite the aviation company declining to disclose the exact number of passengers on board.

MaxAir Limited regrets to inform the public that one of its planes has been temporarily stranded in Niamey, Niger, following the successful discharge of the final batch of Niger pilgrims.

“Our crew’s and the staff’s safety is guaranteed, and we are actively looking for permission to leave as quickly as possible.

“The scenario is a product of the nation’s prolonged instability. Our management team is diligently trying to quickly remedy the issue while being in close contact with the local authorities.

“We would want to express our appreciation to our passengers and their families for their understanding and patience during this time. As things develop, updates will be sent frequently.

“MaxAir Limited continues to be committed to the safety of our passengers and crew as our top priority.”

The country’s borders were shut earlier today after President Mohamed Bazoum was declared to have been removed from office by Niger military.

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