Breaking News: Nigerian Military Finally Arrests Bandit Kingpin Kachalla in Sokoto

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Nigerian Armed Forces have successfully detained a notorious criminal leader, Kachalla, in Sokoto.

The capture was revealed by Zagazola Makama, a specialist in counterterrorism and security analysis for the Lake Chad area, through a message on his X profile on Thursday.

Kachalla Duna Tagirke, identified as a major criminal figure causing havoc in Sokoto, has been detained.

The announcement came from Zagazola Makama, known for his expertise in counterterrorism and security in the Lake Chad region, through a publication on his X account on Thursday.

Operating under the guidance of Bello Turji Kachalla, a well-known terrorist and gang leader active in the northern regions of Nigeria, including Zamfara, Sokoto, and Niger, Kachalla had been a significant threat.

In 2022, Bello Turji Kachalla publicly criticized then-President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for its lack of interest in stopping gang violence, suggesting that certain government officials were profiting from the unrest.

His comments were a reaction to a military airstrike on his home.

He also charged the administration with provoking them (terrorists) to abandon their peace agreement with local communities.

Earlier that year, he had directed his group in a brutal attack in Zamfara, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 200 individuals, including women and children.

Despite this, Zamfara’s Deputy Governor at the time, Senator Muhammad Hassan Nasiha, declared in August 2022 that Turji had agreed to a peace deal.

However, on September 18, 2022, Turji narrowly avoided death when his residence in Fakai village, within the Shinkafi local government area of Zamfara state, was targeted in a bombing by the Nigerian Air Force. The attack resulted in the death of 12 of his associates and family members.

On November 14, 2022, the Defence Headquarters labeled him and 18 other terrorists as wanted individuals, offering a reward of N5 million for information leading to their capture.

Following the assault on his residence, the gang leader condemned the government for breaching the peace accord they had established, which was aimed at halting gang activities and ensuring the safety of Shinkafi’s inhabitants from attacks.

In a telephone conversation with an online Hausa TV station, Turji voiced his frustration over the airstrike on his dwelling and the loss of life it caused, despite his agreement with government officials and community leaders to cease criminal activities.

He questioned the government’s intentions, suggesting they sought to incite him into breaking his vow of non-violence. Turji pointed out that if the government could locate his home for the attack, they should have been able to eliminate him, as he had left the house shortly before the bombing.

Turji accused the government of instigating violence to blame it on him and his group, claiming the government’s true intention was to provoke retaliation against innocent civilians.

He criticized the government for misleading the public into believing it was combating gang violence, while in reality, he argued, the government was perpetuating the crisis for its gain.

Turji declared his willingness to advocate for peace unless the government preferred conflict, stating he was prepared for either scenario.

In related news, SaharaReporters disclosed that the inhabitants of Moriki town in Zamfara State’s Zurmi local government area had recently paid N10.5 million of a demanded N20 million to Turji as a “peace deal fee” to avoid attacks on their community.

This report followed another by SaharaReporters that residents of Gidan Goga town in Zamfara State’s Maradun Local Government Area had complied with Turji’s N20 million demand to avert attacks on their town.

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