Breaking News: Igala Communities in USA, UK, Canada, Others Endorse Admiral Usman Jibrin as the Consensus Candidate for Kogi Governorship Election

by J.J Olawuyi

June 14, 2023

In a historic moment of unity and solidarity, Igala communities across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other parts of the world have unanimously endorsed Admiral Usman Jibrin as the consensus candidate for the upcoming Kogi Governorship Election in November 2023. This groundbreaking development comes as a result of Admiral Jibrin’s exceptional leadership qualities, proven track record, and unwavering commitment to the progress of the Igala people.

Leaders of various Igala communities have expressed their overwhelming support for Admiral Usman Jibrin, hailing him as a beacon of hope and the embodiment of their aspirations. Their eulogies and praises for Admiral Jibrin reverberated throughout the community, highlighting his outstanding achievements and dedication to public service.

Chief Adebo Ikagwu, the Chairman of Igala Union USA, lauded Admiral Jibrin’s impeccable character and extensive experience. He remarked, “Admiral Usman Jibrin is a man of integrity and vision, whose remarkable career in the Nigerian Navy has equipped him with the leadership skills needed to navigate the challenges facing our great state. His selfless service and commitment to the Igala people are commendable.”

In a joint statement, Mr. Amanyi Okenyi, the President of Igala Community UK, and Mrs. Fatima Hassan, the Chairperson of Igala Association Canada, emphasized Admiral Jibrin’s dedication to youth empowerment and sustainable development. They stated, “Admiral Usman Jibrin’s passion for harnessing the potential of our youth and promoting socio-economic growth resonates deeply with our aspirations. His inclusive policies and plans for a prosperous Kogi East have garnered our unwavering support.”

The endorsement of Admiral Jibrin as the sole candidate for the Kogi Governorship Election in the Igala diaspora demonstrates a united front among Igala communities worldwide. It showcases their belief in Admiral Jibrin’s ability to bring positive change, drive economic development, and foster social cohesion within the state.

As the November 11th governorship elections draw near, the Igala community is rallying behind Admiral Usman Jibrin, hoping that his leadership will bring a new era of progress and prosperity for the people of Kogi East. With the overwhelming support of Igala communities across the globe, Admiral Jibrin stands as a formidable candidate, ready to embark on the journey towards transforming Kogi into a model state.

Admiral Usman Jibrin’s candidacy represents a significant milestone for the Igala people, symbolizing their collective determination to shape the future of their region. The coming months will undoubtedly witness a spirited campaign as Admiral Jibrin and his supporters endeavor to garner further support and unite all stakeholders in the pursuit of a better Kogi.

The Igala diaspora’s endorsement of Admiral Usman Jibrin stands as a testament to his credibility, competence, and unwavering commitment to the Igala people. As the November elections draw near, the entire nation eagerly awaits the outcome, anticipating the dawn of a new era under the visionary leadership of Admiral Usman Jibrin.

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