Breaking News: Gunmen Kill Traditional Ruler In Kogi

by Ohepo Ohepo

The traditional leader of Ohi-Ogidi in the Ijumu district of Kogi state, Chief Ojo Olayinka, has fallen victim to homicide by unknown assailants.

This incident was reported by the state’s Information Commissioner, Kingsley Fanwo, through a press release on Wednesday. In it, the state administration not only denounced the murder but also demanded that the culprits be apprehended and prosecuted.

The state’s leadership strongly criticized the heinous act, emphasizing that such violence gravely undermines its efforts and advancements in ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

He stated, “Accordingly, the State Governor, His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, has instructed the state’s security officials and the security advisor to ensure that those responsible for this heinous crime are captured and subjected to the strictest penalties under the law.

“While recognizing that justice may not reverse the loss of our cherished community member, it will strengthen our residents’ confidence in the state’s security framework. We must not backslide into a state of insecurity.”

He appealed to the residents of Ogidi and the broader Ijumu area to maintain peace and refrain from taking justice into their own hands, regardless of the extent of their grievances. He reassured them that the state’s mechanisms are sufficiently robust to protect its citizens and to prosecute those who engage in criminal behaviors.

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