Beware: Here’s How to Check If Your Phone Is Being Monitored in Nigeria

by Ohepo Ohepo

Beware: Here’s How to Check If Your Phone Is Being Monitored in Nigeria

In an age where privacy seems to be an increasingly scarce commodity, concerns about unauthorized surveillance on our personal communication have surged. For those residing in Nigeria, the worry isn’t just theoretical; it’s become a pressing reality for many. Recent discoveries have unveiled that security agents might be monitoring phone lines more extensively than previously thought. If the thought of someone eavesdropping on your calls, texts, and data usage unsettles you, you’re not alone. But don’t fret just yet – there’s a simple way to check if your line is under surveillance and an even simpler way to deactivate such monitoring if necessary.

Here’s How to Check

Grab your phone and dial *#61#. This USSD code is your first step towards ensuring your communications are private and secure. Upon dialing, you’ll receive a message indicating whether your calls, data, or fax are being forwarded or monitored.

What the Results Mean

  • Call/Data/Fax Forwarded: If you see this message, it’s confirmation that your line is under surveillance. While this might be alarming, there’s a straightforward remedy to this invasion of privacy.
  • Not Forwarded: Breathe a sigh of relief! This message means your line isn’t being monitored, and your communications are, for the moment, private.

Deactivating the Monitoring

Should you find yourself among those whose lines are being monitored, there’s a quick fix. Simply dial ##002#. This USSD code will remove the so-called “monitoring device” from your line, ensuring that your calls, texts, and data usage are no longer being forwarded to prying eyes.

Why This Matters

Living under the gaze of unknown surveillance isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s a breach of our fundamental right to privacy. While monitoring might be justified in certain extreme security scenarios, the lack of transparency and consent is troubling. This issue transcends inconvenience; it’s about preserving the essence of our democratic freedoms and personal autonomy.

What You Should Do

If you value your privacy and believe in the right to communicate without unwarranted oversight, take a moment to check your phone lines. Educate friends, family, and colleagues about this issue and how they can protect themselves. Awareness and action are powerful tools against unwarranted surveillance.

In an era where digital privacy is continually eroded, staying informed and vigilant is paramount. By taking these simple steps, you can reclaim a piece of your privacy and send a clear message that the sanctity of personal communication should be respected.

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