Bassa Paramount Ruler and Community Banish Lawmaker Hon. Alhassan Adakeke

by Ohepo Ohepo

Following a significant meeting convened by the Mozum Traditional Institution, the Paramount Ruler of Mozum, HRH Alhaji Khalid Bukar II, the Ohiogba of Mozum, announced that Hon. Alhassan Adakeke is no longer recognized as part of the kingdom, both traditionally and politically.

During a press conference held in Lokoja, King Khalid, alongside members of the Mozum Traditional Institution, declared that the former member of the House of Assembly, Hon. Adakeke, would henceforth be stripped of all traditional or political privileges within the district. This drastic step comes in the wake of a controversial petition purportedly penned by Hon. Adakeke, in which he leveled unverified accusations against the Paramount Ruler, other chiefs, politicians, and notable figures from Mozum.

The contentious petition, which accused the Traditional Ruler and others of engaging in anti-party activities, was ultimately dismissed by former Governor Yahaya Bello for its lack of substantiation. HRH King Khalid expressed dismay over Hon. Adakeke’s actions and noted that despite opportunities for Hon. Adakeke to retract his statements and show contrition, he failed to do so.

“As a result of discussions with fellow traditional rulers, community leaders, and the evident lack of remorse from Hon. Adakeke, I have decided to formally disassociate him from any political and traditional involvement within the district,” King Khalid stated, emphasizing the finality of the decision.

King Khalid also expressed gratitude towards former Governor Yahaya Bello for disregarding the petition and appealed to the current Governor, Ahmed Usman Ododo, to exercise discernment in dealing with Bassa LGA matters, highlighting two politicians within Bassa who consistently prioritize the community’s welfare regardless of tribal or political affiliations.

Additionally, HRH Alhaji Haruna Ada Abubakar, the Shaba of Mozum Kingdom, reiterated the decision to exclude Hon. Adakeke from the district’s traditional and political realms due to the dishonor his petition brought upon the Ohegba of Mozum’s revered position. The Shaba emphasized the kingdom’s intolerance for actions that disrespect its traditional institution and individuals.

Echoing these sentiments, HRH Alhaji Abubakar A. Mohammed, the Ondaki Gbani and Madaki of Mozum Kingdom, along with the President of the Mozum Development Association, condemned Hon. Adakeke’s petition as a grave insult to the traditional authority of the Ohegba of Mozum. They described the collective decision to ostracize him as a response to his disparaging actions against the traditional institution and its leaders.

In response to these developments, the Mozum Traditional Council has formally advised the Kogi State Government, led by Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, to refrain from engaging with Hon. Adakeke in any capacity.

See official letter below:

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