Angry Husband Fatally Runs Over Wife with Tractor

by Ohepo Ohepo

A man has been accused of murder following the discovery of his wife’s dead body on a property located south of Brisbane, Australia, amid reports suggesting she was run over by a tractor.

The 44-year-old man alerted emergency services, reporting his wife’s death as an accident, according to Detective Inspector Chris Knight.

Emergency personnel arrived at the Woodhill rural estate, situated south of Brisbane, at 9.15 am on Thursday, Feb. 15, where they found the 41-year-old woman deceased.

The Queensland Ambulance Service attributed the woman’s fatal injuries to “a farm machinery incident.”

For forensic analysis, both a sedan and a tractor-slasher were confiscated.

The police have pointed out signs that suggest the crime scene might have been altered.

Man accused of running over wife and killing her with tractor

“Our initial examination of the scene revealed certain observations that concerned us,” Knight mentioned.

The husband faces charges of murder (domestic violence) and tampering with a corpse.

Knight noted that any history of domestic violence between the couple would be investigated.

The couple’s two teenage children are currently under the care of relatives from out of state.

“Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time,” Knight expressed.

The man was denied police bail and was scheduled for a court appearance at Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Friday, Feb. 16.

Police are continuing their examination of the property for evidence; however, their efforts are being challenged by the heavy rain that affected southeast Queensland on Friday.

The investigation will also cover several dams on the property, with police divers joining the search efforts.

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