AFCON: Plans To Attack Nigerians Living In South Africa Today Revealed

by J.J Olawuyi

Clayson Monyela, who serves as the Head of Public Diplomacy for the South African Government, has mentioned on Twitter that his role necessitates maintaining a cordial demeanor.

This statement comes amid escalating tensions surrounding the African Cup Of Nations Semi-Final soccer game between South Africa’s Bafana Bafana and Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

Given the history of xenophobic violence against foreigners in South Africa and recent provocative remarks by some South Africans on social media platforms, the Nigerian embassy in South Africa issued a caution to Nigerians residing there. They advised caution regarding the choice of venue for watching the match and urged against making provocative comments that might lead to disputes. Additionally, in the event of a Nigerian victory in the match scheduled for later today, they cautioned against exuberant celebrations.

Expressing his dissatisfaction on Twitter, Mr. Monyela specifically criticized the advisory issued by the Nigerian High Commission.

“This is a very unfortunate & regrettable statement issued by our Nigerian friends. It creates unnecessary alarm & tension. #BafanaBafana have played the Super Eagles many times & there’s no history of soccer hooliganism associated with the outcome of such encounters. #SouthAfricans???????? pose no threat to Nigerians. We’ll engage our Nigerian counterparts through diplomatic channels further on this. Totally unnecessary!” in response to the advisory warning.

A South African with username “Maradinho10” replied him with

“Your level of tolerance is why all these African countries make SA their playing ground. This level of disrespect should have high consequences, not this jolly-jolly approach you are displaying here.”

Mr Monyela then replied with

“My job requires me to “play nice”

Clayson Monyela’s response has sparked widespread reactions, with many expressing surprise at his comments, which several observers have characterized as having an unfriendly tone. This has led to speculation about how Monyela might have acted had he not been in his current professional role.

In light of his statement, some Nigerians are citing it as validation for the cautionary advice issued by the Nigerian High Commission, interpreting Monyela’s words as a thinly veiled threat. Consequently, they are reinforcing the call for Nigerians residing in South Africa to exercise caution before, during, and after the football match.

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