Admiral Usman Jibrin: The Brain Behind Entre Port in Idah, The Headquarters of Igala Kingdom

by J.J Olawuyi

Idah, the historic headquarters of Igala Kingdom, is set to witness a significant economic transformation with the establishment of an entre port, thanks to the visionary leadership of Admiral Usman Jibrin. This remarkable development promises to unlock new opportunities and drive economic growth in the region, further solidifying Igala Land’s position as a major player in the Nigerian economy.


Admiral Usman Jibrin, a native of Igala land and a respected figure in both military and civilian circles, recognized the untapped potential of the region. With a deep understanding of the economic dynamics and historical significance of Igala land, he created an entre port, a strategic infrastructure that would connect the region to national and international markets.


The establishment of an entre port in Idah holds immense importance for the economy of Igala Land. It serves as a gateway for trade, enabling efficient movement of goods, services, and people. With its strategic location on the banks of the mighty River Niger, the port is poised to facilitate both domestic and international trade, boosting commerce and attracting investments to the region.


One of the key advantages of an entre port is its ability to stimulate economic activities and create employment opportunities. As a trade hub, it will attract various industries and businesses, leading to job creation for the local population. The ripple effect of this development will be felt across sectors, including transportation, logistics, warehousing, and tourism, among others.


The entre port also plays a crucial role in reducing the cost of doing business. By providing a direct link to global markets, it eliminates the need for long and expensive transportation routes, reducing the cost of imports and exports. This cost-saving benefit will not only benefit businesses but also consumers, who will have access to a wider range of goods at more affordable prices.


Moreover, the establishment of an entre port will enhance regional connectivity and integration. It will attract investors from different parts of the country and beyond, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas. This will ultimately contribute to the overall development of Igala Land and promote a vibrant and inclusive economy.


Admiral Usman Jibrin’s visionary leadership and determination have been instrumental in turning the dream of an entre port in Idah into a reality. His commitment to the economic progress of Igala Land and his tireless efforts to bring about positive change are commendable. Under his guidance, the entre port is expected to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of Idah and the entire Igala Kingdom.


The establishment of an entre port in Idah marks a significant milestone in the economic development of Igala Land. It heralds a new era of growth, prosperity, and opportunities for the region. With Admiral Usman Jibrin at the helm, the future looks bright for Igala Land, as it emerges as a powerhouse in Nigeria’s economy, leveraging its historical significance and strategic advantages to drive sustainable development.

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