Abuja: Federal Govt to Probe Alleged Discrimination Against Nigerians by Chinese Supermarket

by Ohepo Ohepo

The Nigerian House of Representatives has taken a decisive stance following allegations of discrimination at a Chinese-owned supermarket in Abuja, showcasing a significant concern for the rights and dignities of its citizens. Reports of discriminatory practices emerged after a video went viral, depicting what appeared to be unfavorable treatment of Nigerians at the supermarket located within the China General Chamber of Commerce on Umaru Ya’Adua Road.

In response to these allegations, the Nigerian government acted swiftly by sealing the supermarket on Monday, indicating a serious approach to upholding anti-discrimination laws. This quick governmental intervention underscores the nation’s commitment to ensuring that all establishments within its borders respect the rights of all individuals, regardless of nationality.

The House Committee on China/Nigeria Parliamentary Friendship Group, under the leadership of Hon. Jaafaru Yakubu and Hon. Akin Rotimi Jnr., has been vocal about the incident. They issued a joint statement condemning any form of discrimination and highlighting the mutual respect that forms the foundation of the Nigeria-China relationship. This relationship, they noted, has been fortified over the years through various bilateral partnerships and collaborations, which have been mutually beneficial, particularly in areas such as infrastructure, trade, and education.

The statement also stressed the contributions of the Chinese community in Nigeria, including socio-cultural exchanges and educational opportunities such as scholarships that have helped bridge cultural divides and build interpersonal connections between the peoples of the two nations.

Moreover, the committee articulated a firm commitment to conducting a thorough investigation into the discriminatory allegations. They emphasized the importance of addressing this issue with sensitivity and open-mindedness, aiming to find peaceful and constructive resolutions that would prevent such incidents from overshadowing the strong bilateral ties.

The House of Representatives’ proactive engagement with this issue reflects a broader commitment to protecting the rights of Nigerians and maintaining the integrity of international relations. It also sends a clear message about Nigeria’s zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, ensuring that all residents—citizens and foreigners alike—are treated justly and respectfully within its jurisdiction. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in managing international relations at the domestic level and the importance of swift and principled responses to any breaches of conduct.

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