‘Your Time Is Up,’ Wike Warns Kidnappers Terrorizing FCT

by J.J Olawuyi

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has declared an end to the reign of kidnappers in certain parts of the FCT, asserting that informants aiding them have been apprehended.

Wike made this announcement during a town hall meeting in Gwagwalada town, Gwagwalada Area Council, where he pledged to take decisive action against both kidnappers and their collaborators.

Speaking in pidgin, the minister conveyed, “The president has asked me to come here today. The other day I was in Bwari, and next week I will go to Kwali. Security is one thing the president promised Nigerians because his job is to protect lives and property. If we can’t protect lives and property, then we have no reason being in government.”

Wike assured the community that the president would not abandon them and warned criminals that their time is up. He affirmed his commitment to pursuing kidnappers and their associates, stating, “You know if I say I will do something, I will do it.

And now that I am here today, if you know you are an informant or even one of the criminals, the end has come for you. I and security agencies will follow you to the point that you won’t enter Gwagwalada again.”

Addressing requests for additional police divisions, Wike directed the police commissioner’s representative to expedite the establishment of two more police divisions in Gwagwalada, emphasizing that it should not be hindered by bureaucratic hurdles.

He disclosed the president’s authorization for the purchase of more vehicles and modern communication gadgets for police stations to enhance security measures.

Urging residents to collaborate with security agencies by providing information, Wike emphasized the seriousness of the government’s stance against kidnapping in Abuja.

Additionally, Wike reiterated his previous counsel to residents, discouraging the practice of crowdfunding for ransom, as it inadvertently supports kidnappers’ activities.

He stressed the need for collective efforts to combat the security challenge and urged against promoting activities that incentivize criminal behavior.

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