Why We Are Building Church In APC Secretariat – Ganduje

by J.J Olawuyi

The All Progressives Congress National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, has stated that the innovations being made to the party’s national secretariat in Abuja—including the construction of a chapel on the property—are for the advancement of both the party and the country.

According to The Bureau, politicians in Nigeria frequently use religion as a political tool in order to get support.

The opposition claimed that the ruling party intended to Islamize the nation, and the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC sparked contentious arguments ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

“The innovations are for the progress of the party and the nation,” stated Ganduje in remarks made on Thursday while touring the party’s newly renovated national secretariat. There used to be no church, and no one attended services on the property, but now there is one. We have stores inside the building to prevent street vendors. Additionally, our drainage system is made of concrete.

“As far as the media center’s layout and furnishings go, I don’t see any representation of contemporary technology. We do not live in an analog time. However, I believe what I’ve observed to be analogous. However, the people in our media are not analog. Let’s thus consider the media center to be a digital platform.

The national head of the APC pledged to work nonstop to guarantee that the ruling party wins more parliamentary and gubernatorial seats at the state and federal levels.

Reruns and by-elections to fill current vacancies in the state and federal legislatures are scheduled for February.

The elections for the governorships of Edo and Ondo states are also scheduled for later this year.

“Our blueprint is to increase the number of legislators, governors, and, implicitly, state Houses of Assembly that we have in the country,” stated Ganduje. For this reason, we stated that APC will be operational all year long.

Political parties, as institutions, are customarily solely engaged in electioneering. However, political parties as an institution are active in mature democracies because their functions extend beyond membership recruiting and election campaigns. Two-way traffic is present. It provides the public with updates on the government’s accomplishments and suggestions regarding its manifestos. That is how one evaluates the government. That’s how Renewed Hope is going to happen.

APC nomination and expression of interest papers for candidates seeking the Edo governorship seat are still being sold to members as of yesterday.

According to information obtained by The Bureau, Clem Agba, a former minister of state for budget and national planning, was the first APC candidate from Edo to pick up the forms at the national secretariat of the party.

Agba’s representative, Henry Idahagbon, a former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Edo, selected the forms.

As per the APC’s schedule of events for the Edo governorship race, the Nomination, Expression of Interest, and Delegates Form sales will conclude on January 29.

On February 17, the party will hold a primary election to choose its candidate for governor.

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