Supporters Rush Out En Masse to Welcome Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin As He Embarks On Grassroots Consultation

by J.J Olawuyi

Lokoja, Nigeria 2023 – The streets of Dekina, Abocho, Anyigba and Egume were a sea of excitement and anticipation as supporters of Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin came out in large numbers to welcome him as he embarked on a comprehensive grassroots consultation tour. The former naval officer turned politician is seeking to connect directly with the people and gather their inputs as he sets his sights on the upcoming Kogi governorship 2023 elections.


Vice Admiral Jibrin, known for his distinguished service in the Nigerian Navy and subsequent dedication to public service, has garnered significant attention since declaring his intention to run for the office of the Kogi State Governor earlier this year. His platform (Accord Party), which emphasizes good governance, security, and economic prosperity, has resonated with a broad spectrum of the population, leading to a groundswell of support that has now manifested in the massive turnout for his grassroots tour.

Dekina Women could not contain their happiness as they met with Admiral Usman Jibrin

The atmosphere was electric as Vice Admiral Jibrin’s convoy made its way through the streets, with enthusiastic supporters waving banners, flags, and posters bearing his image and campaign slogans. Chants of “Jibrin for Kogi Governor!” echoed through the air, and the Vice Admiral acknowledged the fervours by waving and occasionally stepping out of his vehicle to shake hands and exchange a few words with excited constituents.


In a brief address during a scheduled stop, Vice Admiral Jibrin expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support. “I am truly humbled by the enthusiasm and warmth shown by all of you today,” he remarked. “This journey is about ensuring that every citizen’s voice is heard and that our collective vision for a better of Kogi State is realized. Together, we will build a stronger, more prosperous nation.”


The grassroots consultation tour is set to span several weeks, covering various cities, towns, and rural communities across the nation. During this period, Vice Admiral Jibrin plans to engage in open dialogues with citizens from all walks of life. These conversations aim to provide him with invaluable insights into the pressing issues that affect people’s daily lives and the changes they wish to see in their communities.


Political analysts view this strategic move as a way for Vice Admiral Jibrin to not only establish a direct connection with the electorate but also to differentiate himself from other candidates by showcasing his commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and participatory governance.


As the tour progresses, Vice Admiral Jibrin’s team has assured the public that he will also focus on discussing his policy proposals in more detail. These proposals cover a wide range of areas, including education, healthcare, job creation, infrastructure development, and security.


The turnout for the initial leg of the grassroots consultation tour has undoubtedly set a positive tone for Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin’s campaign. As he continues to traverse the nation, engaging with citizens and listening to their concerns, the political landscape may witness a renewed sense of enthusiasm and civic engagement, ultimately shaping the course of the upcoming elections.

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