Revealing Names of Some Nigerian Terrorism Sponsors Rubbish — Gumi

by Ohepo Ohepo

Diligent Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic scholar, has refuted the allegation that certain persons with vested interests are funding terrorism in Nigeria.

He claimed, “These terrorists (bandits) collect billions from kidnapping, so they don’t need any financial support from outside.”

This follows the federal government of Nigeria’s release of 15 entities, comprising 6 Bureau De Change operators and firms and 9 individuals, who were reportedly implicated in financing terrorism.

In response, Sheikh Gumi, who was discussed on Daily Trust X Space on Wednesday, stated that the only body with the authority to designate someone as a financier of terrorism is the Court of Law.

“I believe it’s past time the government grabbed the reins and banded together to figure out how to reroute these people (bandits),” he said.

“They are currently seeking N1 billion in order to free these kids who were abducted. They used kidnapping as a means of financing. I believe it is ridiculous to just accuse your political rivals of funding terrorism.

“We are past the point when any Nigerian will invest their money in terrorism. These individuals are using our children as ransom to fund their own operations.

“How then can we conclude that some individuals are funding terrorism as a result of a miscommunication between them?”

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