Oppression & Corruption: Public Complaint Commission Staff Protest, Demands EFCC Probe of Its Chairman

by Ohepo Ohepo

Abuja, Nigeria – Employees of the Public Complaint Commission (PCC) have taken their grievances to the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in a dramatic protest against alleged corruption and non-payment of their approved salary scale. The protest comes in the wake of legal action taken by the Commission’s Chairman, who filed a lawsuit against the staff for advocating for the implementation of a new salary structure approved back in 2021.

The demonstrators, comprised of the Commission’s staff, voiced their frustrations over the continuous delay in the payment of the updated salary scale, accusing the Chairman of the Commission of corrupt practices. These allegations include the embezzlement of funds through associates, illegal recruitment favoring hundreds of his relatives and friends, and the overarching issue of salary non-payment.

The situation escalated when, instead of addressing the employees’ demands for the approved salary adjustments, the Chairman resorted to legal measures by taking the staff to court. This move has further fueled discontent among the workforce, prompting them to seek intervention from the EFCC.

A spokesperson for the protesting employees stated, “We have been patient and have tried to resolve our grievances through internal channels. However, the Chairman’s decision to litigate, rather than address our legitimate demands for the payment of the new salary scale and to clean up the corruption within the Commission, has left us with no choice but to seek external intervention.”

The staff are calling on the EFCC to conduct a thorough investigation into their allegations against the Chairman, including financial mismanagement and the purported misuse of authority for personal gain. The protest highlights a significant breakdown in internal communication and trust within the Public Complaint Commission, an entity tasked with addressing grievances from the public.

As the situation unfolds, the focus shifts to the EFCC’s response to the staff’s call for a probe into the alleged corrupt practices within the PCC. The outcome of this investigation could have profound implications for the Commission’s leadership and its ability to fulfill its mandate effectively.

The Public Complaint Commission has yet to issue a formal response to the staff’s protest and the allegations raised. All eyes are now on the EFCC as the staff await a resolution to their concerns and a restoration of integrity and fairness within the Commission.

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