NASS to Ribadu: ‘N3 Trillion Approved for Your Office, Yet Insecurity Worsens’

by Ohepo Ohepo

The House of Representatives voiced concerns on Tuesday regarding the deteriorating security conditions across Nigeria, highlighting the inadequacy of measures despite the allocation of N3.25 trillion for the operations under the guidance of the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu. The issue was brought to attention by Ahmed Munir, who represents Lere Federal Constituency in Kaduna State, through a proposed motion.

The assembly underscored the urgent need for enhanced coordination of intelligence and security efforts nationwide, with a particular emphasis on addressing the recent kidnapping of more than 200 students in Kaduna State’s Chikun Local Government Area by alleged bandits.

Despite the significant budget approved by the National Assembly for security and defense, lawmakers pointed out the gap between the expenditure and the actual improvement in the nation’s safety, which remains below public expectations.

In response to the escalating insecurity, particularly in parts of the country plagued by the unchecked distribution of small and light weapons, the House advocated for stringent controls.

A motion titled “Urgent need to address the alarming abduction of over 200 students in Kuriga community of Chikun and ensure the protection of lives and property in Kaduna state” led to the House’s resolution. This motion was passed following reports of a massive abduction at the Local Education Authority Primary School and Government Secondary School in Kuriga Community.

Furthermore, the legislators recalled a recent tragic incident where Abu Sufyan, a school principal, was murdered, and his wife and child kidnapped, noting that they were later rescued in a coordinated security effort on February 3, 2024.

Highlighting a recent attack on worshippers at a mosque in Angwar Makera, Kwasakwasa Community, within Kaduna State’s Birnin Gwari Local Government Area, Munir emphasized the pervasive violence affecting individuals of various religious and ethnic groups.

He critiqued the reactive rather than proactive approach of security personnel, despite substantial funding for defense and security, including drones and military equipment intended for victim rescue operations.

Following the motion’s adoption, the House directed the National Security Adviser’s Office to spearhead a comprehensive strategy, uniting all security and intelligence agencies to craft and implement a forward-looking security blueprint. This plan should entail both land and aerial operations in strategic locations such as the Kuyambana, Kamuka, Falgore forests, and Borgu and Zugurma forests across several states.

Additionally, the lawmakers recommended a thorough review and maximization of the frameworks established for the National Counter-Terrorism Centre and the National Centre for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons to fulfill their foundational objectives effectively.

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