MultiChoice Reverts to Old Prices Following Court Ruling

by Ohepo Ohepo

Date: June 17, 2024
Location: Nigeria

Overview: MultiChoice, the parent company of DStv and GOtv, has reverted to its previous subscription prices following a court order mandating a halt to the company’s recent price hikes. This decision comes as a response to the Competition Consumer Tribunal’s (CCT) ruling, which is currently being challenged by MultiChoice.

Court Ruling and Company Response: MultiChoice expressed its intention to appeal the court order, stating that the ruling does not align with its business model. Despite this, the company has complied with the court’s directive by reverting to the old subscription rates pending the outcome of the appeal. The court’s decision comes amid reports that MultiChoice has experienced a significant decline in its Nigerian subscriber base, losing over a million subscribers.

Subscription Price Adjustments: Checks on MultiChoice’s apps confirmed the reversion to previous prices. Below are the old vs. new subscription rates for both DStv and GOtv:

DStv Subscription Prices:

  • Premium Package:
    • Old: N29,500
    • New: N37,000
  • Compact+ Package:
    • Old: N19,800
    • New: N25,000
  • Compact Bouquet:
    • Old: N12,500
    • New: N15,700
  • Confam Package:
    • Old: N7,400
    • New: N9,300
  • Yanga Package:
    • Old: N4,200
    • New: N5,100
  • Padi Package:
    • Old: N2,950
    • New: N3,600

GOtv Subscription Prices:

  • Super+ Package:
    • Old: N12,500
    • New: N15,700
  • Super Package:
    • Old: N7,600
    • New: N9,600
  • Max Package:
    • Old: N5,700
    • New: N9,600
  • Joli Package:
    • Old: N3,950
    • New: N5,700
  • Jinja Package:
    • Old: N2,700
    • New: N3,300

Uncertainty Over Free Month Subscription: It remains unclear if MultiChoice is providing a free month of subscription as directed by the court. Attempts to obtain official comments from the company have been unsuccessful.

Economic Context: The subscription price hike initially implemented by MultiChoice was attributed to market realities, including high inflation and the devaluation of the naira in Nigeria. The company’s decision to increase prices was aimed at maintaining its financial stability in the face of these economic challenges.

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