Military Deploys Swamp Buggies to Okuoma, Delta

by Ohepo Ohepo

In keeping with the continuous demolition of the Okuoma hamlet in Delta State’s Ughelli South Local Government Area, the Nigerian military moved in swamp buggies on Tuesday.

At the coastline of the Bomadi Police Division, the two swamp buggies were transferred from trailer-trucks into barges and then into the creeks.

Remember how the youngsters of the Okuoma community ambushed and killed soldiers on a rescue mission last week? This led to a military retaliation attack and the subsequent burning of houses.

According to a source from a nearby Okuoma community, the large trucks were observed being transported on barges across the community’s canals in the direction of Okuoma.

“Yeah, I saw them crossing our river and heading toward Okuoma. They’re big machines, but no one knows what their purpose is there,” she affirmed.

However, members of the military Joint Task Force, JTF, Bomadi Division, have freed the chairman Akugbene community in Delta State’s Bomadi Local Government Area from custody.

It was learned that the community chairman and other individuals who had been arrested yesterday for allegedly harboring the evading Okuoma chairman and other suspects were freed upon presenting the accused culprits to the community’s custody.

Furthermore, the town of Bomadi and its surroundings continue to have a tight security situation due to the presence of armored vehicles and uniformed personnel at key sites.

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