Islamic Law: Court Bans Female Kano Tiktoker from Using Social Media for Life, After Spending 30 Days In Prison for Using Social Media

by Ohepo Ohepo

Murja Kunya, a well-known Tiktoker, has been barred from appearing on any social media platform by an A High Court in Kano State.

Many people believe that this is a flagrant infringement on her basic right to free speech.

The order was given by Justice Nasiru Saminu on Monday during his decision about her bail application, according to Baba Jibo Ibrahim, the Kano State High Courts spokesperson.

Murja Kunya is awaiting trial for offenses including misdemeanor, improper behavior, and immoral behavior that goes against Islamic morality standards.

The contentious Tiktoker was detained by the Islamic police in Hisbah, accused with a crime, and placed under remand in a prison cell as of February 20, 2024.

After giving Murja’s application some thought, Justice Saminu granted her bail in the amount of N500,000 with two sureties—one of whom had to be a blood relative and the other had to own a landed property in Kano City.

He insisted that the Tiktoker had spent more than 30 days in the Correctional Service institution, which was why the bail application was taken into consideration.

As a result, the judge barred her from using any social networking sites while the matter was being decided. As a result, he gave the Commissioner of Police the command to detain her should she break the prohibition.

The matter was postponed until May 16 in order to continue.

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