Ex Chelsea Player Shattered After Finding Out He Is Not The Father Of His Twins

by Ohepo Ohepo

Geremi Njitap: Former football player from Cameroon divorcing his wife of 12 years after learning he isn’t the biological father of her twins

After learning that, throughout their 12-year marriage, he had fathered twins who were never his, Geremi Njitap allegedly sent his wife packing.

Geremi Njitap, a former football player from Cameroon who is well-known for his outstanding career with Chelsea, has made news once more due to some startling information regarding his personal life.

A recent divorce application made by the 45-year-old former Blues right back against his 12-year wife Toukam Fotso Laure Verline has stirred much controversy.

According to reports, the couple’s union—once viewed as a representation of stability and love—broke down as a result of shocking revelations that rocked Cameroonian media.

In a shocking disclosure contained in court records that Cameroon News Agency exclusively obtained and which was first reported by Mimimemofo Infos, Njitap claims that a string of unsettling incidents caused his marriage to Toukam Fotso Laurie Verline, the late billionaire Fotso Victor’s daughter, to fail.

Njitap’s claim that the twins the couple welcomed in 2008 are not biologically his, as previously believed, is one of the most startling ones.

Rather, Geremi claims—a shocking admission to both fans and followers—that a DNA test revealed the twins are the children of his wife’s former boyfriend.

It was claimed that Geremi Njitap had been lying for the last twelve years.
Court records that were acquired by the previously mentioned outlet purport that Toukam Fotso Laure lied about who their twin children’s father is.

According to reports, a DNA test established that Geremi Njitap is not the twins’ biological father.
The twins were born on June 5, 2008, which was four years prior to their marriage. Toukam purportedly misled Njitap into thinking they were his biological children by presenting them as her own.

However, the drama is far from over.

Njitap portrays a picture of marital strife in the materials he got from the previously mentioned site, noting his wife’s supposed refusal of sexual closeness as a key source of conflict in their union.

In addition, the ex-Indomitable Lion claims that his spouse has verbally abused him, calling him names and using disparaging language in front of his kids.

After 12 years, Geremi Njitap divorces his wife.
In their 12-year marriage, Geremi Njitap claimed in the divorce papers that he had suffered verbal abuse from his spouse on several occasions.
This storm of shocking allegations has clouded what was previously thought to be a picture-perfect marriage.


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