Dr. Mary Alile Leads the Charge in APC’s Mission to Integrate and Empower the South-East

by Ohepo Ohepo

In a significant move towards addressing regional disparities, the All Progressives Congress (APC) hosted its 2024 Colloquium and Mega Empowerment Rally in Anambra State, focusing on the theme of “De-Marginalisation of South-East And Integration To National Politics.” This event marked a critical step in the party’s efforts to enhance political inclusivity and socio-economic empowerment within the South-East region.

The rally attracted a large gathering of APC supporters, political figures, and members of the public from dawn till dusk, signaling a robust community interest in the political and economic advancement of the South-East. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, Dr. Mrs. Mary Alile, the APC National Women Leader, emerged as a focal point of the event, championing the cause for equality and integration of the South-East into the broader national political discourse.

The colloquium underscored the party’s determination to tackle the longstanding issue of regional marginalization. Dr. Alile, in her keynote address, outlined a comprehensive vision for fostering a more inclusive Nigeria, where the South-East is adequately represented and empowered. Her speech resonated deeply with attendees, setting a positive tone for the discussions and activities that followed.

The day was packed with various empowerment initiatives aimed at uplifting the economic status of individuals in the region. These included skills training workshops, job fairs, and financial literacy sessions, which were met with enthusiastic participation. Such initiatives reflected the APC’s commitment to not just dialogue but also actionable solutions for the challenges facing the South-East.

Highlighting the collaborative spirit of the event, key APC leaders, including Dr. Alile and her deputy, Hajiya Zainab Abubakar Abrahim, joined together for a symbolic group photograph. This gesture showed the unity and shared purpose among the party’s leadership in driving forward the agenda for de-marginalization and socio-economic development of the South-East.

The APC’s 2024 Colloquium and Mega Empowerment Rally in Anambra has set a precedent for political and socio-economic mobilization within the South-East, offering a glimpse into the party’s strategic approach to enhancing regional integration and empowerment ahead of future elections. As participants left the venue, the sense of optimism and the momentum generated by the event suggested a promising path towards a more inclusive and prosperous Nigeria.

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