Don’t Worry About Inflation, We’ll Bring It Down, Tinubu Assures Nigerians [Video]

by Ohepo Ohepo

Nigerians have been reassured by President Bola Tinubu that his administration will address the nation’s economic problems, including lowering the skyrocketing rate of inflation.

He assured Nigerians that despite his lack of a magic wand, they need not be concerned since he is committed to putting an end to inflation.

Nigeria’s inflation rate has risen significantly since Tinubu removed the gasoline subsidy and unified the exchange rate upon taking office in May 2023, putting the country’s citizens in difficult financial situations. According to the National Bureau of Statistics’ (NBS) most recent report, the county’s inflation increased from 29.90 percent in January 2024 to 31.70 percent in February 2024.

However, Tinubu stated that his administration is attempting to undo it when he welcomed the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council to 2024 Ramadan Iftar at the State House on Wednesday in Abuja.

“It is the challenging task that you pledged to the Nigerian people throughout your campaign, promising them success, didn’t you? That’s it; I won’t get it by magic; I have to fight for it.

“I ran on a platform of hope; I must continue to live in that optimism and work towards it for the happiness of all of us. There is no need to worry about the state of the economy. Yes, we are aware that inflation is a problem, but don’t worry, we will find a solution. We are reengineering our revenue, and it is improving. We are also regaining our sovereignty and respect internationally—we don’t need to go there and employ someone to do the work for us; we can do it ourselves.

We are responsible for taking care of ourselves, no matter what happens to us. Only your effort, creativity, ingenuity, investment, commitment, and hard work will enable us to reach our goal, stated Tinubu.

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